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Not using your machine could hurt it

On most pumps, if you don’t use your machine for a long time without the proper storage procedures; you could be causing some damage to it that could become serious.

We advise our customers to run a pump saver or anti-freeze solution through their machines before long storage, even if they are storing the unit in a heated environment kept above 32F. The purpose for this is that it keeps the pump seals lubricated and keeps the unloader from becoming “sticky”. If the seals are allowed to dry out, you may experience a loss of pressure and water may be able to slip into the crankcase of your pump. When water slips into the crankcase of your pump, your pump oil becomes less effective at keeping the moving parts lubricated properly and the heat dispersion properties can also diminish. Too much machine operation with water in the crankcase will eventually result in your pump needing a new crankshaft and connecting rods, which typically means you’ll need to buy a new pump for your unit in the name of cost effectiveness.

Running antifreeze though a hot water unit’s coil helps prevent rust from developing over long lengths of storage also. If too much rust develops in your coil you will have to get your machine descaled by one of our technicians.

If you need to purchase some pump saver or need service on your unit, call us toll free at 800-603-1001.