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Not using your machine could hurt it

On most pumps, if you don’t use your machine for a long time without the proper storage procedures; you could be causing some damage to it that could become serious.

We advise our customers to run a pump saver or anti-freeze solution through their machines before long storage, even if they are storing the unit in a heated environment kept above 32F. The purpose for this is that it keeps the pump seals lubricated and keeps the unloader from becoming “sticky”. If the seals are allowed to dry out, you may experience a loss of pressure and water may be able to slip into the crankcase of your pump. When water slips into the crankcase of your pump, your pump oil becomes less effective at keeping the moving parts lubricated properly and the heat dispersion properties can also diminish. Too much machine operation with water in the crankcase will eventually result in your pump needing a new crankshaft and connecting rods, which typically means you’ll need to buy a new pump for your unit in the name of cost effectiveness.

Running antifreeze though a hot water unit’s coil helps prevent rust from developing over long lengths of storage also. If too much rust develops in your coil you will have to get your machine descaled by one of our technicians.

If you need to purchase some pump saver or need service on your unit, call us toll free at 800-603-1001.

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American-Made High Pressure Hose Now Available

Recently we’ve taken on a new stock inventory item of 3/8″ (standard) American-made high pressure hose. This new hose is superior to the standard hose we sell and only costs a few dollars more. It’s much heavier duty with higher grade rubber and wire braiding. With the high inflation we’re experiencing hose manufacturers around the world are keeping their prices down but lowering the quality of materials. If you are having problems with hoses wearing out too fast, try upgrading to our new American-made hose line.

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Tips for taking your machine out of storage this spring

Finally Spring! It comes every year but we always think winter will never end. For many of you, it’s about this time that you take your pressure washers out of storage. Here are a few helpful tips for doing just that.

If your machine has a float tank:

After your machine sits for an extended period of time, your pump head may be dry and your pick  up hose that goes into your float tank is likely empty. Often your pump will be able to suck the air out and self prime itself to a point where it’s getting water back up to itself. But many times this doesn’t happen. What you need to do then is take the pick up hose out of the float tank and force feed water into it with a garden hose while running the pump, after you get good pressure you can put the hose back in your float tank and you’re ready to go.


Hot water machines:

If your machine has been sitting for a long time dry, rust commonly develops in your coil and upon start up in spring, you can get little chunks of rust clogging up your nozzle. It’s best to run the machine for half a minute or so without the nozzle to flush out any debris, then pop the nozzle back in and you’re ready to go. If your nozzle still gets clogged, take a torch cleaner and poke it clean.

All machines:

Check for leaks when you run the machine for the first time in spring. If the ideal winterization process was not done correctly in fall (we’ll have another blog post in fall describing the ideal way to winterize your machine) many of your machine parts likely dried up. When this happens, leaks can be very prevalent. There are primarily two kinds of leaks, either water leaks out of your machine or air leaks into it. Both leaks need attention from one of our technicians so your machine runs properly and maintains the longevity it is designed to have.

How to tell if the machine froze:

If you have a large water leak, cracked fittings or there is water leaking out of the bottom of your pump when you’re running the machine, it is likely your machine froze while it was in storage. It’s best to shut the machine off immediately  if you notice any of these. Problems arising from machines freezing can be very costly but having a technician look at it right away before you get to using it can lessen the costs.

If you need a service technician to look at your machine, you can bring your machine to our main shop at 8919 N. 55th St. in Brown Deer or give us a call at 800.603.1001 to schedule a service technician to come out to you.

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Welcome new MidAmerco customers!

We are very excited to welcome our MidAmerco clients to our team and look forward to serving you with all the latest products, highest trained technicians and top notch customer service. Be sure to put us in your records and let us know if you haven’t received your “new customer letter that is being sent out to all of our MidAmerco clients which has some valuable information and tools for making service “just a phone call away! You can expect great things from a company that has been in business for over 30 years providing our customers with pressure washer service and expertise. We’re here to solve your problems so feel free to contact our main office at anytime.

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Bad water ruining your machine?

Poor water quality can be a silent killer to your pressure washer; small debris and sand can really eat away at the packings in your pump causing severe damage and loss of performance. A simple inlet inline filter is the cheap and easy way to prevent unwanted debris from entering your pump.

Poor water quality can cause additional problems for your hot water machine in the form of loosing pressure and even clogging up your coil! If you have hard water, lime and calcium deposits build up over time and eventually cause loss of pressure, burner problems and can cause your machine to wear out prematurely. A simple and compact water treatment system will alleviate this situation and extend the life of your coil dramatically. If you’re in need of a water treatment system or an inlet filter, inquire today by calling 800.603.1001.

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Nozzle sizes.. what are they?! and what do they mean?!!

The nozzles you use on your pressure washer have two distinct measurements. You have a measurement in one direction and a measurement in another direction. The first is what measures your fan spray size, these are your 0-degree pin point spray, 15-degree fan spray, 25-degree fan spray, 40-degree fan spray and so on. This is the size you are familiar with and the first 3 numbers on your nozzle represent these measurements. The second measurement is best described as the width of those sprays. The last 3 numbers on your nozzle tell us this measurement; for instance 040, 045, 050 are all measurements of the nozzle this way. This measurement of the nozzle corresponds with the PSI and GPM of your machine and is sized up accordingly and for your convenience we have this nozzle sizing chart on our website under the accessories tab. This is why whenever you order nozzles from us, we either look up what kind of machine you have in our records or we ask you what the PSI and GPM your machine does.

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Used pressure washers update

The new home of the used pressure washers area of the website has been changed and is under the tab “Pressure Washers” at the bottom or here . The used machine section is being updated weekly to give you better information on our current stock. As always if you have any inquiries on used machines, go to our contact page  and let us know what you are looking for(or call us 800.603.1001) and we can see what is being refurbished at the moment.

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The New Blog

Our blog will be an interesting  and fun way of connecting to us. We will link to important updates, new resource pages we make for you and monthly recaps. Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed, updated and ahead of the game! Subscribe today we’d love to have you!